Sustainable construction products contribute to a better sustainable society but are often hard to find, therefore is the Bouwboulevard developed.

The purpose of the Bouwboulevard is to create a wide access to information on sustainable building products. For this purpose, the Bouwboulevard is open to all companies active in the field of sustainable building and gives the opportunity to show their products. It involves all building aspects from foundation to finishing and renovation. The accompanying information and knowledge institutions are also present on the Bouwboulevard.

The Bouwboulevard is a major contributor to the spread of knowledge about sustainable building materials and construction methods. All building partners like architect, builder or building principal are quickly informed about the opportunities available in the market at present.

The Bouwboulevard is always open without being hindered by closing times, vacations or travel times and costs. It is also possible to directly get in touch with the supplier via a chat feature. There are often further specific questions that need to be solved.

Furthermore, the user can armed with the knowledge of the Bouwboulevard visit exhibition centers or showrooms to see the products in real life or consult the Bouwboulevard after visiting an exhibition or showroom to further explore a particular product.

Deepening and development of knowledge is made possible by the library, webinairs and discussion sessions in the Peter Okken hal.

Bouwboulevard is an initiative of the Stichting Agrodome. With financial contributions of the project Interreg IVb CAPEM and Peter Okken Fonds.

CAPEM - Cycle Assessment Procedure for Eco-impacts of Materials


CAP'EM: Ecological building materials develop and promote.

The CAP'EM Project is a North-West European program that combines expertise from 5 countries for the production, distribution and use of eco-materials. The project brings together the expertise of 10 partner organizations in North-West Europe. Stichting Agrodome is the Dutch partner in this project. CAP'EM stands for Cycle Assessment Procedures for Ecological impact of Materials. From this project is the Bouwboulevard partly developed.

Eco-materials assessment
In the test / development phase was started with 30 materials, the project is expanded to about 150. This database is still growing with products.

Building materials as flax and hemp insulation, various plates as Ecoboard, Panterra, wood, wall elements, clay bricks, roofing and natural paints are found in the database.

Exhibition Centers
In addition to evaluating materials is to facilitate the application, of course, very important. The CAP’EM project has developed a network of exhibition centers with offices in United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. The centers were established by all project partners in the region, usually within the context of a significant new construction or renovation of the building where eco-construction techniques are used. Each center has a "showroom" dedicated to learning, understanding and improving skills. The centers enable end users and building professionals to learn about the latest eco-friendly building materials and their applications.

CAP'EM in Netherlands
In the Netherlands, exhibition centers achieved at Agrodome, Wageningen, ICdubo, Rotterdam and a mobile exhibition. In addition, information about the CAP'EM products can be found on the Bouwboulevard . In collaboration with the province of Gelderland, the HAN University, ICDubo (the Innovation Sustainable Building Centre), Rotterdam and the RDM Campus / University Rotterdam organizes the Stichting Agrodome as CAP'EM partner in the Netherlands workshops and regular meetings for all parties in the construction industry.

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